International Students

We are open to international students as valued members of Utsunomiya Bunsei Junior college. We would like to recommend you to spend at least two or more years to get to be fully acquainted with life in Japan and we are ready to come up to your expectation. Let’s try to get an associate degree at UBJC before you get a job in Japan.

UBJC opens the door to international students who want to study in either of the two fields: Life Design Field & Food Field.

I. Life Design Field

In this field we would like to help you raise the level of your cultural appreciation, develop your professional qualities through the studies of business and IT seminars, media literacy seminars, communication skill workshop, lectures on politics and economy, and so on.

II. Food Field and its two units:

  • Dietitian Unit
    Nutritionist License can be obtained as you graduate.
  • Food Hygiene & Confectionery Art Unit
    In the second year during your studies you are qualified to take the national examination for Food Hygiene and Confectionery License.

Notice: N2 level of Japanese ability is necessary.

For further information please contact the following:
Web Contact:
Phone: +81-28-625-3737 (Admission & Public Relations Division)
Address: 4-8-15 Kamitomatsuri Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi 320-0058 JAPAN